Moving to Another Computer

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Moving a complete installation of Robo-FTP from one computer to another may be simple or complicated depending on your usage profile. You may find the following list helpful whether you are replacing your server, moving from a testing environment into production, or simply writing a disaster recovery plan.



The instructions on this page are only applicable to the process of moving the current (#.#) version of Robo-FTP to another computer running the same version of Robo-FTP. If you need to both upgrade to the current version and move to a new computer, put a copy of SettingsImporter.exe from the new current version install folder onto the older system and run it. It will allow you to import settings from the old version and offer to export those settings to a file when you click the "Finished" button. That file can then be imported on the new system in the Configurator settings page. Continue with step 2 below.


1)Export settings from the old machine and import them on the new one using the "Export" and "Import" buttons in the Configurator Settings menu. Please note: Unless you see Administrator: in the Configurator title bar you will not be able to import or export settings for all users. If it is not there please choose the "System" option at configurator startup or run the configurator as Administrator.
2)After you import the settings file, make sure that any files or folders referenced in your command scripts also exist on the new computer. Note: The contents of the \ProgramData and \UserData folder are automatically included in the settings files restored in Step 1.
3)If your old computer has Robo-FTP installed as a service you'll need to reinstall the service on the new computer unless the service was installed using the Enterprise Dashboard.
4)If any of your scripts include the DBUSE command with the /odbc option you may need to recreate the associated ODBC DSN on the new computer.
5)If you use Windows Scheduled Tasks or batch files to launch Robo-FTP these will need to be copied to the new computer.
6)Test to be certain everything is working to your satisfaction on the new machine and then click the "Activate Software License" button on the License menu in the Configurator. Follow the on-screen instructions in the license wizard window to transfer the license from the old machine to the new one.