Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ list is a great starting point for basic questions about what you can do with Robo-FTP.

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Getting Started

Browse these tutorials and sample scripts to get up and running with Robo-FTP in minutes.

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Knowledge Base

Our searchable knowledge base covers most of the common errors and implementation problems you are likely to encounter.

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Contact Technical Support

If you can't find the answers you need online, get in touch with our Technical Support staff.

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Requirements Document

Learn how to ensure a successful deployment by creating a clear, detailed requirements document.

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Serengeti Systems Incorporated is dedicated to providing all of our customers initial support to ensure a successful implementation and ongoing support at a level that is sure to exceed your expectations and meet the unique needs of your organization.

Our professional services team is available to provide consulting, training, and implementation services for those customers whose needs go beyond what is covered by our standard support terms.

We know that each client is different, and it is our mission to work with you to design a professional services package that is right for your budget and right for your business.

When considering professional services as part of your Robo-FTP or Robo-FTP Server implementation, our professional services team can provide you with custom pricing and packaging appropriate to the way that you plan to use the product and the level of support your business requires.

What We Offer

To request a quote and learn how we can start helping your business today, contact us directly at (512) 345-2211 or via our online contact form.

TIP: Robo-FTP is a very powerful tool, which means you have many options for how to handle automating your tasks (and even more options for what to do when things go wrong, like re-trying, sending email notifications, etc.). We recommend taking a look at this page we have created to help you create a simple requirements document that clearly summarizes what you need done: Creating a Requirements Document.

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