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Q: Which product do I need: Robo-FTP, Robo-FTP XE, Robo-FTP Enterprise, or Robo-FTP Server?

Q: Will Robo-FTP Server work with FTP clients other than Robo-FTP (and will Robo-FTP work with FTP servers other than Robo-FTP Server?

Q: Does Robo-FTP work with 64-bit Windows?

Q: What kind of support can I expect with Robo-FTP?

Q: My 30-day evaluation period has expired. I'd like to continue with my evaluation of your product for awhile longer. Can you extend this period for me?

Q: My eval authorization disappeared. Can I get reauthorized to continue my evaluation?

Q: Which Internet protocols does Robo-FTP Support?

Q: Does Robo-FTP support secure or encrypted file transfers?

Q: Can Robo-FTP pass FTP server logon information via the command line arguments?

Q: Can Robo-FTP be launched from a batch process?

Q: Can Robo-FTP return a value from a script so my batch file knows what happened?

Q: Can variables be used in Robo-FTP script command options?

Q: Can Robo-FTP rename a file on an FTP site?

Q: Can I use Robo-FTP to download an entire directory on an FTP server?

Q: Can I use Robo-FTP to synchronize an entire FTP site with my local machine?

Q: Can I determine if a particular file exists on an FTP server using Robo-FTP?

Q: I want to schedule a file transfer to run every Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., can Robo-FTP do this?

Q: Can Robo-FTP obtain the newest or oldest files in a server directory? In a local folder?

Q: Can Robo-FTP be used for positive pay?

Q: Can Robo-FTP run scripts without requiring a user to be logged in?

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