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Table of Contents

Purchase Terms

Ordering and payment requirements are described here.

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End-user License Agreement

All use of Robo-FTP products is bound by the terms of the Robo-FTP End-user License Agreement (EULA). The full text of the EULA is displayed at the beginning of the software installation and may be viewed here.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Fully-functional evaluation versions of Robo-FTP products may be downloaded at no charge. Pre-sales support is provided to help ensure a successful evaluation before purchasing the product. We strongly encourage all customers to take advantage of these resources to verify that Robo-FTP will meet their needs prior to making a purchase.

All Robo-FTP products may be returned for a full refund (less shipping charges) if the following conditions are met:

The determination of whether the conditions have been met and a return is appropriate will be made solely by Serengeti Systems Incorporated.

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Renewing Support

Support for Robo-FTP software products may be renewed at any time up until the expiration date of the original support term. Once this expiration date has passed support can only be renewed by purchasing a new license at the current full price. Contact Serengeti Sales at 512-345-2211, option 1 or using our online contact form for renewal pricing.

Be sure to set a calendar reminder to contact Serengeti Sales to renew support for your software. We send an automatic notification by email when a support renewal is due, but we cannot guarantee that our renewal notification e-mail will not get trapped by your spam filter.

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Support for Older Versions

Serengeti Systems Incorporated only actively supports the current version of a software product. Robo-FTP Technical Support will only assist in troubleshooting of issues using the current version of the software.

Note: Customers with Enterprise support agreements are able to receive support on older versions of the software. However, the solution of some issues may require the user to upgrade to the current version.

Customers who are experiencing an issue or have questions about an older version of Robo-FTP or Robo-FTP Server but do not have an Enterprise support agreement have three options:

  1. Upgrade to an Enterprise support agreement that would provide access to support for older versions of Robo-FTP and Robo-FTP Server (includes phone support and email support with a one hour guaranteed response time).
  2. Hire our Professional Services team at an hourly rate to look into this issue.
  3. Install the current version of the software.

Customers may use the version of Robo-FTP that was current on the date of purchase, any newer versions that were released while the customer is covered by support, and any previous versions of Robo-FTP to which the customer has access from a previous purchase.

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Access to Technical Support and Upgrades

During the support term users will have access to technical support as well as all software updates as they become available. In order to maintain access to support and updates all licenses must be maintained at the same version and support level.

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Support Levels

StandardXEEnterpriseEnhanced Enterprise (24x7)
Communication MethodOpen ticket via web site, subsequent communication by emailOpen ticket via web site, subsequent communication by emailOpen ticket via web site or phone, subsequent communication by email or phoneOpen ticket via web site or phone, subsequent communication by email or phone
Response timeNo guaranteed response time4 hour response time1 hour response time1 hour response time
Hours9:30am-6:30pm US Central Time, Mon-Fri (excluding US holidays)9:30am-6:30pm US Central Time, Mon-Fri (excluding US holidays)9:30am-6:30pm US Central Time, Mon-Fri (excluding US holidays)24x7 (Customer must have a contact available to work with Technical Support for issues outside of our normal business hours)

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Submitting Technical Support Requests

Technical support requests must be submitted via the Contact Technical Support web form.

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Technical Support Process

Technical Support includes troubleshooting of suspected environmental conflicts, protocol errors and product defects. Serengeti staff may require the Customer to assist in diagnostic efforts, including performing tests, enabling diagnostic features and providing diagnostic and data files as needed. In order to provide this level of support, Customer personnel contacting Technical Support must be computer literate and capable of rendering such assistance. Where necessary, support requests will be escalated to senior support staff and development staff.

If a problem is deemed to be a software defect in Serengeti software, Serengeti, at its sole discretion, will do one or more of the following: a. fix the defect and provide a patch or update to the Customer; b. notify Customer that the defect has been fixed in a later version of the software; c. suggest one or more alternatives or workarounds that will avoid the defect; d. notify the Customer that the defect will be addressed in a future release of the product; e. notify the Customer that the defect will not be repaired in the foreseeable future.

Technical Support will be limited to addressing problems in the use and function of Serengeti products. If Serengeti products fail due to a conflict with the operating system, computer or other installed hardware or software, Serengeti’s obligation will be limited to assisting in the identification of the problem or ruling out Serengeti products as the cause of the problem. When problems arise from suspected incompatibilities in the communications protocol between Serengeti products and another system, Serengeti volunteers to discuss and identify the problems with the staff administering the corresponding system.

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Professional Services

Serengeti Systems Incorporated offers Professional Services at an hourly rate. The minimum block of time that may be purchased is two hours. Professional Services hours must be used within 30 days of purchase.

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Backup Software Copies

Serengeti Systems Incorporated only distributes the current version of any software product. Users are encouraged to maintain backup copies of CDs and/or downloads as needed in the event that the software must be reinstalled due to system failure or other reasons.

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Changes to Policies

Serengeti Systems Incorporated reserves the right to change prices and policies at any time.

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